Welcome to 2023 – This Is Our Year!

It feels amazing to step into a new year. I love the energy of turning the page and starting new chapters. You all already know that New Year’s Day is my favorite holiday, and for that reason, I’m always so happy this time of year.

I’m excited for 2023. Truthfully, I feel this way at the beginning of every year. However, the past few years – while good – were not full of the buzz and hope that I usually experience at the beginning of the year. I remember feeling happy, but not “buzzy”, at the beginning of 2020. Of course, my ongoing health concerns probably factored into that, but March 2020 changed the world, and it somewhat justified my more neutral emotions as respects the New Year.

But 2023 feels different. It feels like 2015, the year I made my first vision board. This was also the last year of my college program, and the year that my marriage ended (the divorce was finalized nearly two years later). The ending of huge commitments signaled the beginning of my next great adventure. I don’t know that any of my current big commitments will end this year, but I certainly feel that there will be some space opening up in my life, giving me room to embrace things that delight me and move me closer to my desired life.

All of that being said, this year has such a hopeful energy, and I’m looking forward to seeing what unfolds for me.

I’ve missed this blog so much, and I’m ready to start writing more regularly over here. I hope you all will continue to walk with me on this journey. Cheers to 2023, and cheers to us!


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