Review: LA Colors Velvet Lip Mousse

So . . . A few weeks ago, I took a little trip to the Dollar Tree and spent WAY too much on cheap makeup. As you all know, bargain beauty items are my kryptonite, so I find it hard to say no when the products are so cheap and fun to try.

I saw that LA Colors has recently released a line of lip colors, and the name of the products intrigued me. LA Colors Velvet Lip Mousse promise to deliver “velvety matte texture” and, I’m assuming, vivid color. I bought one in each shade available, because even if the color was “off”, I was confident that I could finesse it into a more flattering hue.

Lip Mousses in (l to r) Rhapsody, Souffle, Silky and Whipped

The shades I purchased are Rhapsody, Souffle, Silky and Whipped. Rhapsody is a deep berry shade, Souffle is a peachy nude, Silky is a vivid cerise, and Whipped is a bright crimson with orange undertones. Kudos to LA Colors for creating lipsticks to flatter both warm- and cool-toned girls.

Color swatches (l to r) Rhapsody, Souffle, Silky and Whipped
Silky mixed with Crucifix

The colors apply smoothly and don’t have any flavor or scent. I wore Silky paired with one of my favorite lipsticks – Crucifix by Kat Von D – and I loved the combination. The lipstick has a matte finish but doesn’t feel drying, which is nice. The Velvet Lip Mousses appear to mix well with other lipsticks, and, while not smudge-proof, they do last a long while. I ate and drank while wearing Silky, and I didn’t have to reapply. I haven’t tried pairing these with glosses, though I’m assuming that could be a pretty look, too.

My thoughts? These are a great inexpensive product and certainly worth trying. If you want to experiment with a different lip shade, or if you like low-cost cosmetics, this is a winner!

Have you tried this product? Let me know your thoughts below!

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