A Day of Service

Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. (MLK) Day, and I’m feeling reflective.

MLK’s legacy is closely associated with the strides made for racial equality. MLK Day is designated as a “day of service”, where people are encouraged to volunteer with different charities and community organizations.


Photo courtesy of Democracy Now

I’m considering how I can better serve others, because I feel that I haven’t done my utmost in this regard.

I deeply respect and value volunteering, engaging in service to others, and contributing resources to worthy charitable causes. My comfort zone has always been with contributing resources – giving money, gently used items, etc., – and I feel that my zone isn’t creating meaningful connection with others.

So today, I’m focusing on finding a few charitable organizations or foundations that I can strongly support and volunteer with during the year. My goal is to find at least one medical charity, an organization that offers resources to disadvantaged children, and an organization that supports arts education.

In the meantime, those that are interested in finding a cause to support can find check it out on the MLK Day website. Even if you can’t contribute your time today, see if you can find room in your schedule to volunteer in the future. Service is the one thing that costs you nothing but makes you richer.

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