100 Posts? How Did That Happen?

Can you all believe that this is the 100th post on this blog?!?! I’m blown away at how much my little corner of the web has grown, since I haven’t done any traditional marketing/advertising. Every follower I have came here either through word of mouth or chance. And if you came by, liked what you read and stayed, I sincerely thank you.

You all have seen 100 days worth of my thoughts, hopes, dreams, and discoveries.

You’ve seen some low points, some high points, and my journey over the past 3(ish) months.

When I call you all “friends” or “beloveds”, I mean it. The comments and messages I’ve gotten have been incredible. Thanks for the love and support!

What do you all think could make this a better space? I’ve been considering doing some YouTube videos but I’m a little shy (well, nervous about making a high-quality video). Maybe I’ll come up with some other way to make this space even more engaging.

In any case, thank you and I love you all. To 100+ more posts! Cheers!


(photo courtesy of WeClipArt)

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