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Words of Wisdom: Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

I mentioned earlier this week that I’ve been experiencing some not-so-happy times. At this point, I’m thinking it’s just a little bluesy period that will pass, but even when I anticipate a short period of discomfort and sadness, I like to turn to role models who can encourage me. So this week, I want to shine the spotlight on Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis,, who experienced more heartbreak than I can fathom, but also curated a beautiful life and incredibly touching legacy.


Who more perfectly embodies courage and composure than Mrs. Kennedy Onassis? Twice widowed, an unconventional beauty, and a brainy woman during a time where women were rewarded for merely being pretty arm candy, Jackie had her share of difficulty. However, throughout it all she remained elegant, cool and focused on creating JOY at every step of her journey.


I find it inspirational that she never just “faded away”: from debutante to First Lady, to perfect business wife to editor extraordinaire, everything she did was done with excellence. I love that she found her strength through her pain and left her mark on history.


Private, poignant, and focused, Jackie is the kind of woman that we can all aspire to be, during good times and bad. I love how she focused on what really mattered and let the rest fade into the background.


She came, she saw, she WON.


(Photos courtesy of Pinterest and Town and Country Magazine)

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