Doing What We Can

I’m deviating from my normal topics of discussion to share something that was on my heart.

This is a post in support of the efforts to assist the people affected by Hurricane Harvey. I have family in the Beaumont, TX area, so I anxiously awaited confirmation of their safety immediately after the storm made landfall. I was fortunate: my family members were all safe and relatively unaffected. But my heart aches for those that weren’t as fortunate.

I kindly ask that any of you look to see what you can do, and then, do whatever you can. I can’t vouch for any particular agency or charitable organization (especially after learning how the Red Cross misappropriate funds designated to help Haitians after the horrific earthquake in 2010). However, if you know of a local volunteer effort that plans to journey to the Houston area to assist, please see if it is possible to support them in any way. Also, please research any organization that may be soliciting funds to assist those affected by Hurricane Harvey: I’m sure many of them are reputable, but it never hurts to verify it for yourself.

And, no matter who you are, please send comforting thoughts and good energy to those that suffered from Harvey’s wrath.

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