Art Resources


Free Online Art Courses:

Saylor Legacy Courses (not actively maintained)

ARTH110: Introduction to Western Art History – Prehistoric to High Gothic

ARTH111: Introduction to Western Art History – Proto-Renaissance to Contemporary Art

ARTH201: Art of Ancient Egypt and the Ancient Near East

ARTH202: Art of Ancient Greece and Rome

ARTH206: The Italian Proto-Renaissance To Mannerism

ARTH207: Baroque Art to Neoclassicism

ARTH208: Modern Art

ARTH209: 20th Century Art

ARTH210: American Art

ARTH301: Art Historical Methodologies

ARTH303: Art of the Islamic World

ARTH304: African Art

ARTH305: Arts of Asia

ARTH307: Arts of Latin America

ARTH401: Early Christian and Byzantine Art

ARTH406: Buddhist Art

ARTH408: Contemporary Art

ARTH409: Roman Architecture



Saylor Course (Actively Maintained)

ARTH101: Art Appreciation and Techniques


ALISON Courses:

Colour Theory for Artists and Designers

Design – Applying Design Principles

Graphic Design – Visual and Graphic Design